NY School Perversion: Teens Forced to Attend “Porn Literacy’ Class

New York 05/24/21, 15:56

Parents and students at an elite private school in New York are "shocked" by a mandatory "pornographic literacy" class added to the curriculum without their knowledge. The class contains explicit adult content and is shot through with 'critical race theory' discourse in what appears to be an absurd attempt to ...

Strong reaction of parents to communist indoctrination of their children

U.S. 04/22/21, 16:30

In an interview with Fox News, Former teacher Carol Swain said that parent groups across the United States are organizing to combat the problematic "critical race theory" in the classroom, which "indoctrinates children" based on leftist ideologies. According to renowned former teacher Swain, people across the country reject critical race theory, ...

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