Boy hero calls 911 over careless bus driver to save 30 students

Inspired Stories 10/15/21, 22:23

A fifth-grade boy was hailed a hero after calling 911 on a reckless driver to save 30 students on their school bus. Troy Luna, a student at Bonita Landing Elementary School in California, received nothing but appreciation from California Highway Patrol officer Thomas Olsen and Newman-Crows Landing Superintendent Randy Fillpot. They were impressed by ...

Illinois bus driver drank beer while picking up students, police say

U.S. 11/27/19, 06:50

A 44-year-old school bus driver, in suburban Chicago, was arrested after police said she drank beer while picking up elementary students for school. According to the Aurora Police Department, Michelle Passley of North Aurora picked up the school bus around 6 a.m. on Nov. 15. The school bus video appears to show ...

A kind school bus driver comforts boy on his first day of school

U.S. 09/12/19, 19:47

A school bus driver gets loads of praise on Facebook for a picture on his first day of the school showing her comforting a child. Last week, Amy Johnson snapped her son's photograph, Axel. The Augusta, Wisconsin, Police Department shared it on its Facebook page. The photo demonstrates Axel's hand holding the bus ...

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