Shanghai banks restrict withdrawals, rumors about virus spread via cash

Insights 06/09/22, 12:57

Recently, banks across Shanghai shut down automated teller machines (ATM) transactions, alleging a virus spread via cash. Currently, long lines of people are queuing up in front of banks in Shanghai. Some netizens worry about a wave of mass withdrawals in the future and criticize the banks for intentionally creating panic. In ...

Toddler shreds $1060 parents saved to pay debt

Football 09/20/21, 16:37

Parents from Holladay, Utah, were stunned when their 2-year-old boy shredded their cash savings. That was the money they had been tucking away to pay for University of Utah football season tickets. Ben Belnap is an avid football supporter. However, he and his wife, Jackee Belnap, did not have much money ...

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