Russia tests new missile: Shoots down satellite in space

Europe 11/16/21, 17:22

Russia has successfully tested an anti-satellite missile that shot down objects in space using weapon systems on earth, but the debris threatens the International Space Station. Under the Department of Defence, United States Space Command announced on Monday, Nov. 15, that Russia tested a direct-ascent anti-satellite (DA-ASAT) missile earlier on the ...

Young Women Build Kyrgyzstan’s First Satellite

Space 11/08/18, 03:37

LONDON — Reaching for the stars will no longer be impossible for girls and young women in Kyrgyzstan, who aim to build and launch the country's first satellite before 2020. A dozen budding female scientists have been tinkering with computers, 3-D printers and soldering irons since March to build a CubeSat, which ...

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