US introduces bill to sanction China in case of Taiwan invasion

China 03/05/22, 21:19

On Wednesday, March 2, several U.S. senators proposed a bill to protect Taiwan from China's military threat by using financial sanctions to restrain Beijing's attempt to unify Taiwan by force. Lawmakers said in a statement: "Passing this bill will make clear to General Secretary Xi that if he mimics Putin's invasion, ...

US House proposes sanctions targeting Xi Jinping and CCP officials

China 02/12/22, 09:40

A number of U.S. House representatives have recently introduced The "Stop CCP Act." The bill intends to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for grave human rights violations. The legislative proposal formally sanctions thousands of CCP officials, including Chinese dictator Xi Jinping and his entire family. According to Breitbart News, on February ...

U.S. national security: 80 companies linked to the Chinese military sanctioned

China 12/18/20, 12:14

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced an escalation of sanctions including of some 80 companies linked to the Chinese military, for national security reasons.  The goal is to prevent the People's Liberation Army (PLA) of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from becoming the world's dominant power by 2025 as scheduled, Ross ...

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