Supreme Court lets Texas six week abortion ban stand

News 09/02/21, 18:01

U.S. Supreme Court judges ruled 5-4 against blocking new Texas legislation that prohibits most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy on Sept. 1. The rule will remain in place while legal challenges are heard in lower courts. Abortion-provider plaintiffs failed to reach the necessary threshold for the Supreme Court to issue ...

U.S. Supreme Court Justice argues Big Tech should be regulated as public utilities

U.S. 04/06/21, 16:06

Dr. Clarence Thomas, along with Samuel Alito, considered the last constitutionalist justices of the Supreme Court, issued an opinion on April 5 warning that social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook need to be regulated as public utilities rather than private. The judge issued his opinion in the case against former President ...

High court seems likely to rule against Calif. oil workers

U.S. 04/16/19, 12:39

The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed inclined to rule against workers on oil drilling platforms off California who want to be paid for the off-work time they spend on the platform, including sleeping.The question for the high court has to do with the law that should apply in the case: ...

Justices weigh free speech case involving ‘Arctic Man’ event

Politics 11/26/18, 17:05

The Supreme Court on Monday waded into a freedom of speech case resulting from an arrest at Arctic Man, a snowmobile and ski race event that draws thousands to a remote campsite in Alaska. Justices heard arguments in a case with the potential to affect people who might sue police over ...

Goldberg, Hathaway, Bourdain among NJ Hall of Fame nominees

Football 11/16/18, 14:46

Actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Anne Hathaway, comedian Chris Rock, "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Anthony Bourdain are among the latest nominees to the New Jersey Hall of Fame.The organization announced its list of 50 nominees for the 11th class Friday. Inductees will be announced in ...

Supreme Court rejects net neutrality appeal

Politics 11/05/18, 11:15

The Supreme Court has ended the court fight over repealed Obama-era "net neutrality" rules that required internet providers to treat all online traffic equally. The court on Monday rejected appeals from the telecommunications industry seeking to throw out a lower court ruling in favor of the "net neutrality" rules. The Federal ...

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