China refuses to condemn Russia over military actions towards Ukraine

Insights 02/28/22, 01:56

Russia sent troops into Ukraine, a sovereign country, triggering a slew of sanctions from numerous countries against Moscow. However, China refused to condemn Russia. In a regular press conference in Beijing on Feb. 24, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying gave speeches around the Russia-Ukraine issue. When AFP reporters asked whether China ...

German media: US focus is Asia, not Europe

China 02/20/22, 05:30

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken paid a 7-day visit to the Asia-Pacific region on Feb. 10. It was the first trip by a U.S. Secretary of State in nearly four decades and amid a hyped-up crisis in Ukraine. A report by German newspaper Die Welt on Feb. 18 viewed that ...

Taiwan is more important than Ukraine, US should not be ‘distracted’

Opinion 02/16/22, 20:00

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Elbridge Colby, an expert on China's military security policy, wrote to the Wall Street Journal that U.S. should prioritize Taiwan over Ukraine. He also stated that China should not take the United States' distraction in Ukraine as an opportunity to invade Taiwan. According to the ...

Russia assumes the presidency of the UN Security Council amid tensions

World 01/27/22, 21:38

On February 1, Russia will assume the presidency of the UN Security Council based on the standard protocol that rotates the presidency every 30 days following the alphabetical system. Amid the tension created between Russia, Ukraine and NATO members, notably the United States, over the alleged imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine, ...

Ukrainian authorities call for calm as they see no imminent Russian invasion

World 01/25/22, 14:02

While acknowledging that the threat is real, Ukrainian leaders are asking the nation for calm, assuring that a Russian invasion was not imminent, according to the Associated Press. Although Russia denied that it was preparing an attack, it has gathered near the Ukrainian border approximately 100,000 soldiers, which has provoked the ...

US threatens to control exports against Russian industries if Ukraine invaded

Politics 01/25/22, 06:41

The Biden administration has threatened to use export control measures to damage Russia’s key industries if Moscow invades Ukraine. The administration is eyeing the foreign direct product rule to control exports to Russia of all microelectronics designed with U.S. software or technology or produced using U.S. equipment, The Hill reported, citing ...

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