5 reasons to go see ‘Instant Family’

Entertainment 11/21/18, 04:17

I walked out of the theater surprised after viewing the new movie “Instant Family,” starring silver-screen heavyweights Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as foster parents.  It was not what I expected. The film features Wahlberg as Pete and Byrne as Ellie, an upper-middle-class married couple who decide on a whim to ...

Red-carpet fanfare dropped amid deadly California fires

Entertainment 11/12/18, 21:40

Hollywood cut back on the glamor trappings of movie premieres as a wildfire destroyed or imperiled the homes of celebrities and other Southern California residents.Red carpets for the Sandra Bullock film "Bird Box" and "Under the Silver Lake" with Andrew Garfield were canceled Monday, an American Film Institute festival spokeswoman ...

The most dangerous celebrity online is revealed

Entertainment 10/02/18, 00:30

Ruby Rose has played some dangerous characters, like an inmate in "Orange Is the New Black" and a scientist battling a prehistoric shark in "The Meg." But the actress herself is now officially dangerous.Cybersecurity firm McAfee on Tuesday crowned Rose the most dangerous celebrity on the internet. No other celebrity ...

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