TV host Chris Wallace impressed with Mike Pence’s nomination acceptance speech, after he ‘took apart Joe Biden’s record’

2022 Campaign 08/27/20, 04:05

The third night of the Republican National Convention closed strongly as Vice President Mike Pence delivered a well-rounded nomination acceptance speech. He "took apart Joe Biden's record" on several issues, "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace said on Wednesday, Aug 26. Wallace was in admiration of Pence's presentation at Fort McHenry, ...

Biden, Democrats slam President Trump for CCP Virus response, but blue states lead the nation in worst death tolls and unemployment

2022 Campaign 08/26/20, 04:04

As November approaches, Democrats and their presidential nominee Joe Biden ramp up their attacks on President Donald Trump's response to the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic. However, data shows a different picture: blue states lead the country in number of the virus deaths and unemployment. Democrats have zeroed in on the president's ...

Kimberly Guilfoyle at the RNC: Democrats ‘ want to control what you see, think and believe so they can control how you live’

2022 Campaign 08/25/20, 15:53

Kimberly Guilfoyle, former Fox News anchor and current National Chairman of President Trump's Finance Committee, in an enthusiastic and emotionally charged speech supported President Trump's candidacy and denounced the Democrats and their policies as loaded with "lies and deception." On the first night of the Republican National Convention, Guilfoyle's moving speech ...

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