Police agencies refuse to guard Democratic National Convention due to tear gas ban

U.S. 07/29/20, 07:39

More than 100 police agencies have withdrawn from security agreements to guard the Democratic National Convention (DNC) to be held next month in Milwaukee, citing the city’s recent directive banning the use of tear gas in responding to violent riots. According to The Associated Press, Milwaukee’s citizen oversight commission last week ...

Crowd of 300-400 children at Memphis fun center becomes violent

U.S. 07/28/20, 03:26

Memphis, Tennessee, has had both peaceful protests and others that turned into violent riots over the past few months, and it is no wonder that now teenagers are beginning to spiral out of control. How much have they been influenced by what they have seen in the media, or indeed ...

NYPD Chief Terry Monahan injured in clash with protesters

U.S. 07/15/20, 19:10

A protester on the Brooklyn Bridge attacked a group of New York police, including the highest-ranking uniformed officer, Chief Terence Monahan. Monahan, together with a sergeant and a lieutenant from his New York office were part of a pro-police group being led by a clergy group when they were confronted by ...

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