Paul McCartney tells fans: Don’t be like me and eat too much

Entertainment 12/25/18, 07:19

Paul McCartney's Christmas message to his fans around the world: Don't be like me and eat and drink too much. The 76-year-old former Beatle tweeted his lighthearted holiday wishes Tuesday illustrated with photos from his younger days. He says "don't eat and drink too much! I know I will, but that's no ...

Coming clean: Public embrace for celeb addicts offers hope

Entertainment 10/20/18, 10:06

Beneath sparkling chandeliers hanging in the famed Rainbow Room, as a gala crowd dotted with rock stars sat around white-clothed dinner tables, Ringo Starr stood at a podium and described what it felt like to be 30 years sober.With wife Barbara Bach Starkey — herself a recovering alcoholic — at ...

Eagles’ Joe Walsh tells his addiction story at gala evening

Entertainment 10/09/18, 02:03

Eagles band member Joe Walsh and his wife, Marjorie Walsh, have been honored by the nonprofit Facing Addiction with NCADD for their support of the recovery movement.Sir Ringo Starr, from left, his wife Barbara Bach, honorees Marjorie Bach Walsh and husband Joe Walsh pose together at the Facing Addiction with ...

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