Polls show CCP’s propaganda failure in ‘United Front’ in Taiwan

China 12/16/21, 11:55

Two polls reported by Taiwan TVBS News showed that Taiwanese have become less fond of cross-strait supporting reunification each year. The downward trend also contrasted with China’s propaganda efforts. Some Taiwanese experts said that the CCP’s various threats and intimidation methods for pushing Taiwan reunification only played the opposite role.  According to ...

Fearing internal mutiny, Xi Jinping softens on Taiwan

China 10/15/21, 04:23

On the 110th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution on Oct. 9, Chinese Leader Xi Jinping reiterated his position regarding Taiwan. Xi emphasized peaceful reunification of the island rather than forceful invasion. "Taiwan independence separatism is the biggest obstacle to national reunification, the most serious potential for national revival," Xi said. July 2021, ...

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