Natural immunity is more effective than CCP virus vaccine says study

News 08/30/21, 22:15

Researchers found natural exposure to COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Party virus) creates much better immunity to the Delta strain than receiving two doses of the experimental vaccine. A new Israeli study reignited debate about how little importance health professionals place on naturally acquired immunity compared to vaccination during the pandemic. The research team ...

AstraZeneca: antibody therapy lowers risk of late-stage COVID-19 symptoms

News 08/22/21, 21:17

One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies found a novel treatment significantly reduces the chance of developing severe deadly disease symptoms on Aug. 20. AstraZeneca confirmed antibody therapy lowers the likelihood of developing extreme COVID-19 symptoms by 77%. The company cited data from a late-stage experiment that suggests this treatment could ...

Children born in lockdown suffer impaired brain function study finds

News 08/16/21, 23:12

Infants born during the COVID-19 (CCP virus) economic shutdown had severely impaired IQ, verbal, motor, and cognitive performance, researchers found. A new Brown University study revealed a lack of stimulation and interaction can cause young children to experience a major decline in cognitive function. This raises serious concerns for early learning ...

CDC: 58 percent of infant deaths are reported to VAERS within 3 days of vaccination

News 08/08/21, 22:29

More than half of babies die within a few days of being immunized, national public health data showed. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database revealed a direct link between vaccination timing and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Institute of Medical and Scientific Inquiry ...

90-year-old woman died from multiple CCP Virus variants says study

News 07/11/21, 18:09

A Belgian woman passed away after being infected with different variants of the deadly disease, researchers found. A Onze Lieve Vrouwziekenhuis (OLV) Hospital study confirmed the 90-year-old simultaneously carried both Alpha and Beta variants of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus when she died on March 8. According to researchers the woman ...

Humans can only live up to 150 years says medical study

News 05/27/21, 03:57

Reducing stress in daily life can help some people live for up to 150 years, researchers have found. New York state's Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo and Singapore-based biotech company Gero have discovered a direct link between aging and the ability to cope with stress. The study, "Longitudinal analysis of ...

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