Trump cancels press conference, to speak at Arizona rally

U.S. 01/06/22, 08:41

Former President Donald Trump has canceled a news conference planned for the first anniversary of the violent protests on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6. Instead, he will speak at an Arizona rally. The cancellation came hours after some Republicans in Congress had expressed reservations about the forthcoming news conference. “In light of ...

Republican lawmakers request meeting with Biden to discuss Cuba crisis

America 07/27/21, 17:51

Nineteen Republican lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden to discuss the current situation in Cuba and urge the federal government to work together to curb the dictatorial communist regime that continues to exploit its citizens and has subjected them to extreme poverty for several decades.  House Republican Leader Kevin ...

Al Sharpton responds to Tim Scott: ‘America was built on racism’

U.S. 05/05/21, 18:33

During the Monday funeral of Andrew Brown Jr., a man from the black community who was killed as a search warrant was being executed in North Carolina, Rev. Al Sharpton used the occasion to rebuke Sen. Tim Scott (R- S.C.)'s refusal of the conception that America was a racist country. Delivering ...

Arizona: Ballot machines arrive for Maricopa county forensic audit

U.S. 04/23/21, 04:55

The trucks that haul voting machines arrived on Wednesday, April 21, for the election audit, which is set to begin on Friday, the Washington Examiner reported. The audit resulted from months of fighting by Arizona's Republican-controlled Senate to launch a full-scale review of ballots cast in Maricopa, the populous county that included ...

Ohio Republicans propose renaming state park after President Trump

U.S. 04/22/21, 18:18

Some Ohio Republican lawmakers on Monday, April 19, introduced a bill to renaming a state park after former President Donald Trump to honor him.  House Bill 261, also known as Rename Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J. Trump State Park, was introduced by the main sponsor, state Rep. Mike Loychik, ...

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