Biden administration will ‘start acting now’ on reparations says White House

U.S. 03/03/21, 01:28

House Democrats will immediately start introducing laws to compensate and assist African Americans who claim they were wronged. Joe Biden's administration confirmed it will fast-track reparations for African Americans who believe authorities targeted them based on race. The proposed process will be so dramatically accelerated that it might skip a large part ...

Trump said reparations unlikely—let’s examine why

U.S. 06/26/19, 08:49

News Analysis President Donald J. Trump, on June 24, said he doesn’t see the government giving reparations to descendants of black slaves, as some Democrats expressed some level of support for reparations. When speaking to reporters from Hill.TV about reparations, President Trump said, "I think it’s a very unusual thing," and "You ...

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