Chinese communist regime teaches children to hate religion

Education 09/26/22, 13:12

Videos and photos of children in Shanghai receiving extra classes on illegal religions (xie jiao) during the summer vacations began to circulate on social networks and CCP propaganda agencies.  The CCP reinforces its indoctrination campaign among the youngest, giving online and face-to-face classes on how to distinguish between good and ...

California church wins $800,000 in legal fight over lockdown

California 09/06/21, 03:52

Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California, on Sept. 1, announced a major legal win over lockdown policies it had challenged for months.  According to Christian Post, local authorities had agreed to pay the small church $800,000 in settlement for barring indoor worship during COVID-19 lockdowns. The lawsuit against COVID-19 ...

‘You don’t negotiate with evil. You kick it out’: Sam Brownback urges Vatican to reconsider its stance with CCP

U.S. 05/17/21, 16:09

Sam Brownback, former Ambassador for Religious Freedom, urged the Vatican to reconsider its non-critical stance with the Chinese Communist regime following the release of the U.S. State Department's annual Religious Freedom Report, which documents widespread human rights violations against believers in China. In October 2020, the Vatican renewed a controversial agreement ...

Christians would be a ‘national security threat’ to Democrats

U.S. 01/04/21, 15:32

About two-thirds of the U.S. population would be targeted by Democrats, according to a shocking document presented by a Democratic Political Action Committee. "The rise of white Christian nationalism is a national security threat," according to the report led by Democratic Reps. Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Jared Huffman of California, ...

Biden urges people to eliminate “family traditions” on Thanksgiving Day

News 11/26/20, 19:30

Democratic candidate Joe Biden issued a series of controversial statements Wednesday afternoon, urging Americans to eliminate "family traditions" on Thanksgiving Day, claiming it is "literally our patriotic duty.  During a press conference, the former vice president asked people to broadcast large family gatherings, claiming he would do the same, according to ...

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