Jason Momoa shaves signature beard to promote recycling

Entertainment 04/18/19, 09:56

Aquaman" is clean-shaven.Actor Jason Momoa on Wednesday released a video in which he shaved off his signature beard and mustache in order to promote recycling. He started by saying farewell to his "Game of Thrones" and DC characters Drogo and Arthur Curry.Momoa said he thought he last shaved in 2012.The ...

Californians lose millions of dollars in recycling deposits

California 02/28/19, 01:18

California consumers are losing out on at least $308 million in nickel deposits on cans and bottles, largely because it's increasingly difficult to find a recycling center.That's according to a report set for release Thursday by advocacy group Consumer Watchdog.The report says more than 40 percent of the state's recycling ...

‘The Milkman Model’: Big brand names try reusable containers

U.S. 01/24/19, 08:02

A new shopping platform announced Thursday at the World Economic Forum aims to change the way we buy many brand-name products. Loop, as the platform is called, would do away with disposable containers for things like shampoo and laundry detergent from some of the world's biggest manufacturers. Instead, those goods ...

Africa’s solid waste is growing, posing a climate threat

World 12/08/18, 04:14

No one would envy a life of scavenging in Kenya's biggest landfill, but Daniel Kiarie says he would never leave it.Birds circle overhead and dogs scuffle as the 35-year-old and around 600 people who work here move through the filth of Nairobi, all of them intent on useful finds. Ground-up ...

To cut back on single-use plastics, ‘refuse, rethink, reuse’

Enviroment 11/14/18, 09:06

Plastic is versatile, lightweight, cheap — and seemingly everywhere. It's also a scourge on the environment.While plastics have important uses, the bulk of plastic waste — much of which ends up clogging landfills and polluting oceans — comes as things designed to be used exactly once, and often for only ...

Ick factor: NYC so far turns up nose at food-scrap recycling

New York 10/07/18, 10:45

New Yorkers are so far turning up their noses at the city's ambitious organics collection program, which has stalled because not enough people are participating in the often-smelly chore of separating out all those table scraps, spoiled meat, rotted vegetables and cut grass.Mayor Bill de Blasio introduced his pilot program ...

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