Biden approval rating hits record-low after Afghanistan crisis

Middle East 08/31/21, 15:41

Americans have never been more dissatisfied with the current president, a new poll shows. The latest Morning Consult poll results show only 48% percent of 15,623 registered U.S. voters approved of Joe Biden's performance on Aug. 30. The data also reveals more people disapprove, with 49% of respondents giving their thumbs down. ...

Poll: 55% of US voters support election audits like in Maricopa County

U.S. 06/25/21, 20:45

There is strong support for election reviews like the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, a new poll shows, as many American voters believe President Joe Biden did not win fairly. Rasmussen Reports released a survey on Wednesday, June 23, showing that 55% of likely U.S. voters support forensic audits of election results to ...

Rasmussen Reports: 62% believe voter ID laws are not discriminatory

U.S. 04/13/21, 18:54

Most voters believe it is more necessary to deter voting fraud than to make voting easier, and they oppose arguments that voter ID laws discriminate. According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online poll, only 29% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that measures forcing photo authentication at the ...

Overwhelming majority of Republicans want President Trump to lead the GOP

Opinion 02/17/21, 02:23

Opinion Nearly all Republicans would like to see the previous president continue to play an important role in the party. A sample survey found 75% of GOP supporters want Donald Trump to continue to play a dominant role in the Republican Party. According to the latest Quinnipiac University National Poll, only 21% of ...

Trump completes first term of presidency with 51% approval rating

Opinion 01/20/21, 03:43

Opinion A growing chorus of Americans openly believes the president did well in his first four years of public office. The average American is more optimistic about President Trump's performance than at the beginning of his first term in the Oval Office. The latest presidential tracking poll shows more than half of respondents ...

Even Democrat supporters agree the election was stolen says survey

2022 Campaign 12/01/20, 03:15

An American polling company has found a high number of Democrats believe their party won the presidency through unlawful means. The latest Rasmussen Reports survey about the initial outcome of the presidential election caught nearly a third of Democratic Party supporters openly admitting Joe Biden stole the Oval Office away from incumbent ...

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