Gallup poll: Only 11% of Americans satisfied with the direction of the country

U.S. 01/26/21, 17:26

Americans' satisfaction quotient dropped to 11% during the week when Congress accepted the Electoral College results, when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner. After two months of constant lawsuits by the campaign of President Donald Trump, and subsequent dismissals by the courts culminating on Jan. 6 with the ...

‘Fake news’ losing ground: Half of Americans believe there was election fraud

2022 Campaign 12/02/20, 17:27

The renowned pollster Rasmussen published on Sunday, Nov. 29, a survey of voters in the presidential elections. The results reveal that many Americans stopped getting their news from mainstream media because 47% think there was enough fraud for Biden to steal the presidency from Trump. The poll was conducted from Nov. ...

Polls improve for President Trump after first debate

2022 Campaign 10/01/20, 19:40

Opposition media made strong criticisms of President Trump's performance during the first debate, although it seems that the voters do not think the same way. After the debate, the first poll shows encouraging data for the president as his approval rating rises. With approval ratings up from 52 percent over the ...

President Trump’s approval rating reaches 50% and continues to rise

U.S. 08/01/20, 09:00

President Donald Trump's approval rating reached 50% on July 31 and continued its upward trajectory, according to a survey conducted by the Rasmussen Reports. The results presented by the participants of the opinion poll returned to the level obtained in February, when the devastating effect of the CCP (Communist Party of ...

Rasmussen poll: President Trump 47%, Joe Biden 43%

Politics 09/25/19, 14:03

Most voters expect Joe Biden will become the Democratic nominee, but President Donald Trump has the edge for now in next year’s presidential race, the Rasmussen Reports poll said in a statement on Wednesday, Sept. 25. Rasmussen’s latest poll finds that 65% of Likely U.S. Voters think Biden is likely to ...

Poll shows approval rating up, President Trump thanks socialist congresswomen

U.S. 07/17/19, 13:48

President Donald Trump has sent his thanks to four progressive Democratic congresswomen after a daily poll indicated the president’s approval rating picked up 4 points to 50 percent in just a couple of days. The Rasmussen Report said its daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 50 percent of likely U.S. voters ...

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