Review: A portrait of Rudolf Nureyev in ‘The White Crow’

Entertainment 04/24/19, 13:43

The great Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev does not come across as particularly likable in "The White Crow ," Ralph Fiennes' elegant biopic of his early years.Nureyev is arrogant, cruel, entitled, irritable and deeply resentful of his modest, peasant upbringing. Yet this prodigy of dance and voracious consumer of the ...

Ralph Fiennes, Sophie Okonedo spar in ‘Antony and Cleopatra’

Entertainment 12/05/18, 11:40

Antony and Cleopatra," currently running at London's National Theatre, has tragic romance, two top-flight actors and a live snake. No wonder it's a hit.Sophie Okonedo and Ralph Fiennes play the lovers sundered by war and empire in William Shakespeare's tragedy, which is being broadcast live to movie theaters in Britain ...

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