Hillary Clinton, Press Secretary Jen Psaki diagnosed with coronavirus

Trending 03/23/22, 16:13

Two high-profile Democrats have been quarantined after seemingly contracting a highly contagious disease. Hillary Clinton and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have both tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). Clinton confirmed she is experiencing influenza-like ailments. "Well, I have tested positive for COVID [and] I have got some mild cold symptoms but am ...

CDC cuts COVID quarantine period to 5 days amid staff shortages

U.S. 12/27/21, 21:42

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday, Dec. 27, updated its isolation guidance for COVID-19 infected patients in which it shortens the recommended quarantine period by half. The new guidance calls for five days of isolation instead of ten days as before, followed by five days of wearing a mask ...

Florida allows optional quarantine for students exposed to COVID-19

U.S. 09/23/21, 02:38

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, Florida added a new COVID-19 protocol, making it optional for parents to isolate their kids after exposure to the coronavirus. According to a report from the Associated Press, the new rule was issued by Florida's freshly appointed surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo who was sworn in only ...

CDC mandates measles vaccine for Afghan refugees

News 09/21/21, 23:14

Afghan refugees arriving in the United States must be immunized against measles and quarantined starting from Sept. 17. Joe Biden's administration has signed a new order that adds measles to the list of quarantinable communicable diseases. This executive decision came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 16 cases ...

Denmark, Netherlands join EU nations in banning unvaccinated US tourists

U.S. 09/05/21, 20:54

U.S. citizens will not be welcome in Denmark, the Netherlands, and other European Union (EU) countries unless they are immunized against the deadly disease. Denmark and the Netherlands will deny entry to any American who is not vaccinated against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, even if they produce a negative ...

Unemployment in New York soars due to prolonged CCP Virus quarantine

New York 08/27/20, 09:18

New data from the New York State Department of Labor shows that the prolonged CCP Virus quarantine continues to wreak havoc on New York's economy and workforce, the New York Post reported. Unemployment in New York City was 15.9% in July, higher than the national average of 10.2%. In New York City ...

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