Proud Boys leader charged with plotting to attack Capitol

D.C. 03/08/22, 23:21

A nationalistic activist was accused of violating U.S. law ahead of the 2021 Washington riots. Federal prosecutors recently indicted Enrique Tarrio for allegedly planning to attack the U.S. Capitol Complex on Jan. 6. They claim the former Proud Boys chairman contacted fellow members to bring tactical gear to the nation's capitol building, ...

FBI informant rejects speculation of Proud Boys planning Jan. 6 attack

D.C. 09/26/21, 22:18

Far-right activists did not mastermind and execute the Capitol siege as rumored, a federal spy said. "Confidential documents" have surfaced that dismiss speculation about the Proud Boys plotting the Capitol riots. An FBI informant, who infiltrated the group, revealed none of the members planned the attacks on Jan. 6. "On the eve of ...

Portland descends into street violence between Antifa, Proud Boys

U.S. 08/23/21, 17:48

Violent clashes between hundreds of Marxist Antifa and right-wing Proud Boys supporters caused chaos in Oregon, on Aug. 22. The Proud Boys responded to Antifa's improvised explosive device attacks with paintball gunfire and other weapons in the heavily vandalized city of Portland. EHA News confirmed at least one man was arrested for ...

Proud Boys founder sues SPLC over hate group label

U.S. 02/04/19, 18:33

The founder of a far-right men's group filed a defamation lawsuit Monday against the Southern Poverty Law Center for labeling the organization as a hate group, in the latest attempt to use litigation to fight the extremist label. Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys — an organization that describes its ...

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