BLM protesters invade Oklahoma Capitol during session

U.S. 04/27/21, 20:06

On Wednesday, April 24, a group of more than two dozen "Black Lives Matter" protesters disrupted the Oklahoma House of Representatives to protest against Republican-backed bills, forcing the statehouse into lockdown. The protesters filled the gallery on the fifth floor while the Oklahoma House in the chamber below was in session, ...

Half of voters agree with President Trump: Antifa is terrorist organization

U.S. 06/04/20, 10:40

About half of Americans tend to agree with President Donald Trump that the anti-fascist group antifa should be labeled as terrorists. According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday, June 4, 49% of U.S. voters think the antifa movement, which is thought to be behind much of the violence in ...

Tibetan activists protest the Chinese regime’s library exhibit

China 02/19/20, 13:20

More than 150 pro-Tibetan activists are protesting the alleged distorted situation that the Chinese Communist regime presents of the country, which it invaded in 1950-1951. An exhibition of photographs at the Queens Public Library in New York City deceives viewers claims the protesters, with lies in an attempt to cover up ...

Antifa group launches mass anti-police action in New York City subways

New York 01/31/20, 20:43

Following the anti-police demonstrators in Upper Manhattan in November 2019 that led to multiple arrests, antifa on Friday morning, Jan. 31, called for a day of action in New York City against law enforcement and transit fares. The antifa-linked Twitter account Decolonize This Place tweeted videos and images of action being ...

Climate change activists rally Shut Down DC, disrupts morning traffic

D.C. 09/23/19, 14:12

Activists for climate change gathered in Washington on Monday morning, Sept. 22, to protest in the name of Shut Down D.C., blocking key intersections across the city to disrupt traffic. The protesters are rallying to pressure U.S. lawmakers and other world leaders to establish legislation related to climate change. Shut Down ...

Hong Kong protesters defy police ban, bring city to a standstill

World 08/31/19, 15:29

Determined groups of protesters defied a police ban and held demonstrations in multiple areas of Hong Kong, on Saturday, Aug. 31, marking the 13th consecutive weekend of protests in the Asian financial center. A group of several dozen protesters ignited gasoline bombs and threw rocks outside the Hong Kong Legislative Complex. ...

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