Fordham University prof fired after mixing up names of two black students

U.S. 12/13/21, 11:07

A Fordham University professor was dismissed on Oct. 29 after confusing two black students in his lecture and sending a lengthy email explaining the issue. Instructor Christopher Trogan, 46, blamed his "confused brain" when two students were late to class on Sep. 24, as he was reading a classmate's work. “The offended ...

US arrests international money-laundering expert for laundering money

U.S. 11/20/19, 19:39

A U.S. professor of international studies who co-wrote a book about organized crime and is an expert on money laundering and corruption in South America has been arrested for allegedly laundering millions of dollars. Bruce Bagley of Coral Gables, Florida, was accused of helping to launder $3 million in dirty money ...

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