More research monkeys retire when studies finish

U.S. 06/12/19, 23:55

Izzle, Timon, Batman, River and Mars spent years confined to inside of a lab, their lives devoted to being tested for the benefit of human health.But these rhesus macaques have paid their dues and are now living in retirement — in larger enclosures that let them venture outside, eat lettuce ...

Chimpanzees spotted cracking open tortoises for meat

Europe 05/23/19, 08:46

Scientists have observed wild chimpanzees tucking into an unusual snack: tortoises, whose hard shells they crack against tree trunks before scooping out the meat.In a paper published Thursday by the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from Germany say the behavior they spotted dozens of times in a group of chimpanzees at ...

Indonesia court allows dam in orangutan habitat to proceed

Science 03/04/19, 19:32

Environmentalists lost a court challenge Monday to a Chinese-backed dam in Indonesia that will rip through the habitat of the most critically endangered orangutan species.The state administrative court in North Sumatra's capital, Medan, ruled that construction can continue despite critics of the 510-megawatt hydro dam providing evidence that its environmental ...

Study predicts monkey population boom in Florida park

U.S. 11/19/18, 15:25

New research says a troop of roaming primates in north central Florida will nearly double in size if state wildlife managers don't step in and stop the monkey business.In a study released Monday in The Journal of Wildlife Management, researchers found that the number of rhesus macaques at Silver Springs ...

Rare conservation win: Mountain gorilla population ticks up

World 11/14/18, 08:03

Once facing near-extinction, mountain gorillas are slowly rebounding.The International Union for Conservation of Nature Wednesday updated the species' status from "critically endangered" to "endangered." The designation is more promising, but still precarious.This 2007 photo provided by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund shows members of an anti-poaching team in Rwanda's Volcanoes ...

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