91% of Trump supporters would vote for the president again

2022 Campaign 01/14/21, 05:27

An overwhelming majority of President Donald Trump supporters said they would vote for the president again despite last week's storming of the Capitol. “Despite their criticism of his conduct since Nov. 3rd and last week, 𝟵𝟭% of Trump voters say they’d still vote for him if another presidential election were held ...

4 dead after violent day at the Capitol by leftist infiltrators

D.C. 01/07/21, 13:16

After the violent day on Wednesday, Jan. 6, in and around the Capitol, there were at least four deaths and fifty detainees. The conflicts were unleashed when leftist infiltrators, belonging to the radical groups antifa and Black Lives Matter, violently entered the Capitol dressed as sympathizers of President Trump. Hundreds of ...

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