Mike Pence fundraises—is he preparing for his presidential bid?

U.S. 09/16/21, 15:09

Former Vice President Mike Pence launched a fundraising campaign as if preparing for his presidential campaign, even though he did not receive a single vote in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) poll.  Pence is hoping to raise about $18 million to build the infrastructure needed to make him a candidate ...

Brutal corruption in Washington described by an investigative journalist: ‘It’s a beast that feeds on itself’

Washington 12/29/20, 17:21

Renowned investigative journalist Sara Carter referred to Washington's corruption and the tremendous purifying impact that President Donald Trump has had on this destructive phenomenon during his administration. Carter exposed the corruption that is often part and parcel of lobbying groups, which link congressmen of both parties with big business in relationships ...

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