Bill Barr inadvertently exposed just how deep Washington’s swamp is

Opinion 06/28/21, 15:55

Donald Trump is back and, true to form, he's not holding back anything that happened over the past few months. In a statement issued late Sunday, June 27, Trump lashed out at Attorney General William Barr. But in addition, from Barr's own mouth, the complicities of the Washington establishment, especially the top ...

$192 million blown on travel by World Health Organization, report shows

U.S. 04/17/20, 19:28

In 2018, the World Health Organization spent a whopping $192 million on travel expenses, often breaking their own rules by flying business class. “WHO needs to get its own house in order to legitimately go to the international community saying, ‘We need more money for Ebola,’” said Sophie Harman, in 2019, ...

The president releases national guidelines to defeat the coronavirus

U.S. 03/17/20, 03:44

President Trump has announced new guidelines in an effort to stem the flow of coronavirus infections in the United States. White House recommendations include avoiding social gatherings of more than 10 people for at least the next 15 days, closing schools, avoiding travel unless necessary, and not frequenting bars, restaurants, and ...

The first Christmas Miracle that changed the history of America

U.S. 12/22/19, 17:21

These last few weeks for America may go down in history as a few of the most critical weeks ever in politics. A president whose opposition has been determined to bring him down, only to see the public rise up and support him. It could well be looked upon as a ...

Amazing achievements by the president for Americans heading into Christmas

U.S. 12/15/19, 10:10

House Democrats might remain focused on impeaching the president, but meanwhile, he is giving Americans an early Christmas present. His Christmas stocking for the American people includes having sealed two trade deals, plus one on defense and another on parental leave, not to mention the inspector general’s report—the list goes on. ...

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