Portland descends into street violence between Antifa, Proud Boys

U.S. 08/23/21, 17:48

Violent clashes between hundreds of Marxist Antifa and right-wing Proud Boys supporters caused chaos in Oregon, on Aug. 22. The Proud Boys responded to Antifa's improvised explosive device attacks with paintball gunfire and other weapons in the heavily vandalized city of Portland. EHA News confirmed at least one man was arrested for ...

All members of the Portland Rapid Response Team have resigned

U.S. 06/18/21, 19:33

The unit responsible for controlling public unrest and protests in Portland lost all of its members on Wednesday, June 16, including all of the officers, sergeants, and detectives, due to a group resignation.  The members lost all of their desire to remain in the Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response Team following ...

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