Vatican: Pope Francis rejects resignation of archbishop accused of abuse

Europe 09/15/21, 17:32

On Wednesday, Sept. 15, the Vatican's highest authority rejected the resignation of the archbishop of Hamburg, who has serious allegations of sexual abuse. The German Catholic Church is facing a world-scale scandal over allegations that during 2018 alone, 3677 people were reported to have been sexually abused under the complicity ...

China enforces new draconian laws against the clergy

China 05/30/21, 19:34

China has imposed new draconian regulations requiring clergy to follow the essential values of communism and promote the 'sinicization of religion'—using intimidation of criminal repercussions—in a further blow to Pope Francis' secret Sino-Vatican concordat. The Communist Party of China's (CCP) State Bureau of Religious Affairs (SBRA) on May 1 released the ...

A progressive pope: Calls for humanity to embrace a ‘new world order’

U.S. 03/16/21, 09:06

In an extensive interview that will be published as a book this Tuesday, March 16, Pope Francis spoke of a post-pandemic world scenario where humanity will have to embrace a "new world order" with aggressively environmentalist policies and the supposed elimination of social injustice, a term used by the left ...

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