Argentina’s Evita remembered through toys for poor children

America 04/25/19, 23:08

A half-deflated leather football, a box of marbles, a ragged doll and a handful of windup cars and trains line the display cabinets in the Evita Museum like ancient relics. These worn-out toys played a vital role in the rise of Peronism in Argentina, one of the most influential movements ...

Venezuela’s dueling political movements each push elections

America 02/05/19, 18:56

Venezuela's opposition-dominated congress on Tuesday said it will hold new elections as soon as possible within a year — once embattled President Nicolas Maduro is ousted from power.Meanwhile, Venezuela's socialist party boss, Diosdado Cabello, threatened to hold early legislative elections that could gut the congress, which is the only branch ...

Yellow, green, saffron: Colors of protests around the world

World 12/11/18, 18:01

When you're an activist looking for a way to convey a complex message in a complicated world, you need a hook — something that can command attention across cultures in a memorable and visually arresting way.So what's more elemental than associating yourself with a specific color? Just as this month's ...

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