Bill Gates, WHO, and Darpa constructed COVID: 2018 patent is evidence

China 07/02/21, 02:53

A patent dated back to November 2018 was deemed to be evidence that proves DARPA, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and his British Overlords were all involved in developing the CCP Virus as a bioweapon. The patent for “CORONAVIRUS” granted on November 20, 2018, by the United States Patent Office stated that ...

Q&A session with the doctors behind Plandemic movie released

News 06/13/21, 03:58

President Biden has opened the door for speaking about the previously condemned “conspiracy theory” of COVID-19's (SARS bioweapons) origin. The President joined with G7 leaders on June 13, condemning the Chinese regime's human rights abuses and demanding a thorough investigation into the virus's origin. It's time to revisit the voices ...

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