GOP Rep. Gaetz adds Hunter Biden’s laptop to congressional record

U.S. 03/30/22, 02:57

A Republican from Florida officially noted in U.S. Congress a portable computer belonging to the president's controversial son on March 29. Rep. Matt Gaetz confirmed the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop have successfully been entered into the congressional record. The device's data storage module is widely reported to contain evidence that ...

‘The Biden 5’: family members of former Vice President Joe Biden allegedly involved in shady deals linked to his office, investigators report

Middle East 01/22/20, 13:40

Several relatives of former Vice President Joe Biden may have used the political influence of their position to engage in business for which they had neither the skills nor the experience, complained Peter Schweizer, the investigative journalist and author of the bestseller "Profiles in Corruption: The Abuse of Power by ...

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