Chinese soldiers who have not yet fought in battle sobbing with fear

China 10/03/21, 20:47

The Chinese regime is paying the price for the crimes it has committed in the past—the facts are clear—as are the consequences they are facing from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Beijing is said to have actively concealed important information that caused COVID-19 to spread worldwide, and now they are suffering the consequences ...

President asked to dismiss Gen. Mark Milley for alleged treason

U.S. 09/15/21, 17:11

Joe Biden should dismiss the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman for allegedly betraying America, a Republican from Florida said on Sept. 14. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is urging President Joe Biden to fire Gen. Mark Milley immediately after reports revealed that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “contemplated” to ...

19 Chinese fighter jets raise alarm after entering Taiwanese air space

China 09/06/21, 23:06

Chinese forces once again invaded Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sept. 5. Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense Affairs reported the Chinese regime penetrated the southwest corner of the ADIZ, north of the disputed Pratas Island. The arsenal included 10 J-16 multirole fighters, four H-6 bombers (which can carry nuclear weapons), ...

Chinese regime taunts Taiwan with military drills near island

China 08/17/21, 22:39

Beijing launched new air and sea attack drills near Taiwan to intimidate the breakaway province on Aug. 16. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deployed warships, fighter jets, and anti-submarine aircraft southwest and southeast of the island. The order came in response to what the CCP calls "external interference and provocations by ...

U S denies visas to 500 Chinese students with links to the People’s Liberation Army

U.S. 07/08/21, 00:26

Due to a policy installed in the Trump era, the U.S. government rejected the visa of 500 Chinese students because of their links to the military, which generated complaints from Chinese regime officials. The State Department rejected the Chinese students' applications because they violated former President Donald Trump's Presidential Proclamation 10043 ...

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