Police: Man took 4-year-old, bound her, stuffed her in trunk

U.S. 04/30/19, 14:59

A 20-year-old man entered a home's unlocked front door, snatched a 4-year-old girl from her bed and bound and stuffed her into a wooden trunk at his grandparents' house, telling police he'd been scoping out children who he thought lived in "deplorable conditions," according to a criminal complaint. The child was ...

Defense expert says cop went by the book in teen’s shooting

U.S. 03/22/19, 00:03

East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld did everything by the book in his fatal encounter with an unarmed black teenager outside Pittsburgh last summer, a defense expert says.Testifying at Rosfeld's homicide trial, retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Clifford W. Jobe Jr. maintained Rosfeld followed proper procedure when he shot and ...

Police sued over bulldozer death of pot suspect

U.S. 03/18/19, 11:24

Pennsylvania State Police acted recklessly when troopers used a bulldozer to pursue a Grateful Dead fan caught growing marijuana on public land, killing him when he wound up under the machine's treads, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed Monday.Greg Longenecker's family said state police had no business chasing him ...

3rd time a charm? Police fee plan of Tom Wolf gets new attention

U.S. 02/24/19, 14:25

The latest effort by Gov. Tom Wolf to impose a fee on municipalities that rely on state troopers, instead of a local police force, is generating new conversations, if not an embrace, as budget makers try to end the constitutionally questionable use of highway dollars to underwrite the Pennsylvania State ...

Police reviewing use of helicopter over Penn St. tailgaters

U.S. 10/04/18, 12:58

The Pennsylvania State Police say they regret any damage that occurred last weekend when one of their helicopters flew low over a tailgating crowd before the Penn State-Ohio State game, sending tents and other items flying.The agency released a statement Thursday that says it's "fully cooperating" with an investigation of ...

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