GOP’s challenge to Pennsylvania’s election rules dismissed by Supreme Court

U.S. 04/20/21, 03:16

Almost six months after the Nov. 3, 2020 election, the Supreme Court still refused to hear a case about a Pennsylvania voting dispute. On Monday, April 19, the court dismissed an appeal from a Republican congressional candidate's challenge to the state's mail-in ballot measures. The Supreme Court wrote in an order: “The ...

Incredible: Democrats propose to grant driver’s license to illegal aliens

U.S. 02/05/21, 12:05

A group of Pennsylvania state legislators have just introduced a bill that, if passed, would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses. The Pennsylvania House released House Bill 279, introduced by the Transportation Committee and signed by 27 Democratic and 2 Republican representatives. The bill seeks to allow individuals without a ...

Pennsylvania fraud: 202,377 more votes than voters voting

2020 Campaign 12/29/20, 12:10

A group of 17 Pennsylvania Republican legislators discovered 202,377 "more votes cast than voters voting," when they compared the county data with the Nov. 3 State Uniform Register of Electors (SURE). "These numbers just don’t add up, and the alleged certification of Pennsylvania’s presidential election results was absolutely premature, unconfirmed, and ...

280,000 ballots ‘disappeared’ in truck, says postal service driver

2020 Campaign 12/02/20, 08:55

A group of whistleblowers and specialists in electoral integrity spoke about various suspicious behaviors in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in the context of the Nov. 3 election. At a press conference Tuesday in Arlington, Virginia, Project Amistad, an initiative of the Thomas More Society legal group, presented the testimony of three people ...

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State “alters” the electoral process: state senators demand her immediate resignation

2020 Campaign 11/04/20, 16:25

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, a Democrat, altered the election procedure on Nov. 1 and again on Nov. 2, creating chaos in the counties. Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Pa.) and Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Pa.) demanded her immediate resignation. "Kathy Boockvar must resign as Pennsylvania's Secretary of State after these latest ...

President Trump mocks Biden for confusing him with ‘George’

Politics 10/27/20, 08:20

President Donald Trump on Monday, Oct. 26, pointed out that Joe Biden appeared to mistakenly call him “George (Bush).” “Did you see yesterday when he called me George? No, I don’t know if I like George. Not George. What a mess. What a mess. No, he called me George,” President Trump ...

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