Honey bee swarm kills more than 60 endangered penguins

World 09/22/21, 02:55

Dozens of penguins died after being attacked by insects on Sept. 17. Sixty-three endangered penguins were discovered dead on a beach at the Boulders African penguin colony. South African National Parks (SANParks) discovered their lifeless carcasses near Simonstown, 40km (25 miles) south of downtown Cape Town. A post-mortem revealed the African penguins suffered ...

Baby penguins hatched at San Diego Zoo

Science 05/08/19, 21:06

The San Diego Zoo has two new arrivals: a pair of endangered African penguin chicks.The zoo announced Wednesday that the fluffy chicks, named Doug and Barbara, hatched two months ago.The eggs came from two breeding couples. The zoo says it's the first time eggs laid by its adult penguins have ...

A rare albino penguin makes its debut at zoo in Poland

Europe 03/22/19, 14:25

An extremely rare albino penguin has made its debut at Gdansk Zoo in northern Poland.The albino penguin hatched in mid-December and has been under veterinary care. In the wild, such an unusual-looking penguin would be rejected by other penguins and would have little chance of survival.But in Gdansk, it has ...

Love on the rocks: Penguins celebrating Valentine’s Day

California 02/12/19, 20:19

Penguins made a love connection at a San Francisco aquarium.In what has become an annual Valentine's Day tradition, biologists handed out red felt hearts Tuesday to African penguins at the California Academy of Sciences.The birds grabbed the hearts in their beaks and waddled around their rocky enclosure toward their nests.Spokeswoman ...

Rome zoo opens new area for African penguins

Europe 12/27/18, 15:08

A new area for penguins opened at Rome's Bioparco zoo on Thursday.The 18 African penguins arrived in the Italian capital from zoos in Turin, northern Italy, and Bristol, England.The transfer was part of the European Endangered Species Program, which aims to preserve a population of healthy endangered animals in captivity.Half ...

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