Hollywood and modern ‘art’, two tools used to corrupt humanity

Opinion 04/27/21, 19:43

As time goes by, the entertainment industry and modern 'art' have gained enough confidence to surreptitiously introduce perverse concepts and normalize them, leading humanity into an abyss where morality and faith in Gods no longer exist. Pedophilia, sexual abuse of children, human-lizard relations, cannibalism, morbidity are some of the things that ...

The incendiary speech by prestigious lawyer Lin Wood denouncing pedophilia

U.S. 04/19/21, 16:53

Prestigious American lawyer, Lin Wood, addressed attendees at the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After alluding to the topics already discussed, Wood did not hesitate to accuse numerous world personalities of pedophilia. He also invited his expectant audience to research the enigmatic elite group known as the Illuminati and ...

A petition calling for closure of pedophile website has gone viral

U.S. 09/22/20, 16:24

There is growing concern in the United States about the growth of pedophilia on social networks and websites. Recently, a young woman led a petition with the objective of gathering signatures to demand justice and close a website that functions as a forum for pedophiles where they tell of their ...

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