Cameroon’s leader sworn in for 7th term amid rising unrest

Africa 11/06/18, 15:43

Cameroon's President Paul Biya, sub-Saharan Africa's oldest leader, was inaugurated Tuesday for his seventh term in office amid rising separatist unrest.The 85-year-old Biya, who has been in power since 1982, was sworn in days after separatists allegedly kidnapped dozens of ...

Cameroon still awaiting presidential election results

Africa 10/10/18, 09:19

Cameroon continues to wait for results of Sunday's presidential election in which Africa's oldest leader is widely expected to win.Essombe Emile, President of Cameroon Constitutional council, speaks during a meeting with representatives of the political parties and members of the ...

Cameroon officials, observers say poll was mostly successful

Africa 10/08/18, 09:09

Cameroon's elections commission and African Union observers say that Sunday's presidential poll was largely successful with minor irregularities.Both bodies said Monday that those irregularities shouldn't affect the vote's outcome.A soldier stands guard outside a polling station where, Cameroon's Incumbent President ...

‘They may kill you’: Cameroon faces election under threat

Africa 10/06/18, 05:07

Rudulf Arrey ventured out for a campaign rally the other day in Cameroon's restive Southwest region, knowing the simple act of civic curiosity could kill him.Separatists who declared an English-speaking state have threatened people who wander the streets, and so ...

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