US to help finance decarbonization in the Middle East and North Africa

U.S. 04/07/21, 19:16

In a joint statement released on Monday, April 5, by the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the two nations reaffirmed their pledge to help finance decarbonization in the Middle East and North Africa. “We will also cooperate closely to make new investments in financing decarbonization across both the ...

Obama Administration lies about Paris Climate Accord, faces lawsuit

D.C. 11/05/19, 18:10

The Obama administration allegedly entered the  Paris Climate Agreement illegally, says the lawsuit filed by Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO). GAO reportedly filed the lawsuit on behalf of the nonprofit organization Energy Policy Advocates (EPA). EPA claimed that it possesses a document purporting to be the Obama State Department's "Circular 175" ...

Staying in Paris agreement would have cost families $20K

Opinion 11/05/19, 15:52

President Donald Trump is right to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. While the climate is indeed changing and human activity is playing a role, the chances of looming climate catastrophe are simply unrealistic and not grounded in reality. But even granting such a looming catastrophe, the Paris Agreement itself would do little to ...

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