Florida woman finds daughter after 70 years thinking she was dead

California 12/21/21, 15:37

A Florida woman believes her child died during childbirth, but 70 years later, a DNA test reveals that her daughter is still alive. Genevieve Purinton of North Tampa gave birth in Gary, Indiana, in 1949. Unfortunately, she received bad news when she asked to see her newborn baby. "I asked to see ...

Life of parents and 12 children changed by Secret Santa

Inspired Stories 11/17/21, 17:23

Now that the Christmas Season is around the corner, we start hearing stories full of kindness and generosity that renew our wish to help others and be nice. The lives of parents and 12 children have changed since they got help from secret Santa in 2020. Misty and Ben Ashley from ...

Police: 4 Louisiana children kidnapped, last seen in Alabama

U.S. 11/08/19, 20:53

Authorities are looking for four kidnapped children out of Louisiana. The Washington Parish Sheriff's Office said Joshua Abelseth and Jennifer Abelseth, who lost custody of their children through a court order, took the children from their grandparents’ home in Washington Parish on Friday, Nov. 8, and fled the state. The last known ...

When parents die, 4 children comforted by state trooper

U.S. 09/14/19, 12:31

It always amazes us just how much our police do for us every day. In the line of duty they protect, guide, and serve, but one Trooper Bradley also comforts with fries and milkshakes. It was Halloween for siblings Trayvion, 6, Daimean, 8, Amiah, 10, and Justin, 13. Their parents, Donald ...

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