US Homeland Security chief in Panama to talk drugs, migration

Central America 08/22/19, 18:19

U.S. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan was in Panama City on Thursday, Aug. 22, to meet with security officials and ministers from Central America and Colombia. He tweeted his arrival for the Ninth Northern Triangle Ministerial and his readiness to engage with his colleagues for solutions facing the region. Yesterday, I ...

Panamanian choose president amid slowing growth, corruption

America 05/04/19, 23:02

Panamanians will choose Sunday between six mostly business-friendly candidates to lead this Central American trade and financial hub for the next five years in a presidential election focusing on corruption and slowing economic growth.The vote takes place after revelations of money laundering in the so-called Panama Papers that dinged the ...

Drought hits Panama Canal shipping, highlights climate fears

World 04/29/19, 23:00

An intense drought related to this year's El Nino phenomenon has precipitously lowered the level of Panama's Gatun Lake, forcing the country's Canal Authority to impose draft limits this week on ships moving through the waterway's recently expanded locks.The restrictions on how deep the vessels can reach below the surface ...

Panama president cheers China’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative

World 04/02/19, 09:34

Panama sees a "big opportunity" in China's massive "Belt and Road" infrastructure initiative, President Juan Carlos Varela said Tuesday during a visit to Hong Kong amid ambitious plans and proposals for Chinese-built bridges and rail lines.Varela said the initiative, which aims to weave a network of ports, bridges and power ...

As Venezuelans go hungry, Trump targets food corruption

America 09/24/18, 07:26

The June meeting was conducted behind closed doors far from the klieg-light attention normally focused on Venezuela. Around a U-shaped table in a hotel towering above the Panama Canal, U.S. Treasury Department officials distributed a list of suspected shell companies that they believe senior Venezuelan officials have used across the globe ...

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