Pam Bondi exposes corruption and money laundering by Biden with Ukraine

U.S. 01/28/20, 09:15

A new impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump by Democrats was held in the Senate on Monday, Jan. 27. While important defense arguments were made against the president, this was barely covered by the mainstream media. Among the speakers, former Florida Prosecutor Pam Bondi exposed the corrupt actions and money laundering ...

White House adding aides to deal with impeachment inquiry

Politics 11/06/19, 15:40

The White House is beefing up its communications staff as it grapples with the ongoing House impeachment investigation. Pam Bondi, the former attorney general of Florida, and Tony Sayegh, a former Treasury Department spokesman, are expected to join the White House communications team to work on "proactive impeachment messaging" and other ...

Former AG Bondi headed to DC to work with lobbying firm

U.S. 01/22/19, 10:07

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is heading to Washington to take a new post with a leading lobbying firm. Ballard Partners announced Tuesday the well-known Republican politician will head the firm's new regulatory compliance office. The firm is headed by Brian Ballard, who has close ties to President Donald Trump. The ...

Florida investigating allegations of sexual abuse by priests

U.S. 10/04/18, 12:32

Florida has launched a statewide criminal investigation into sexual abuse by Catholic priests and is asking past victims to share information with legal authorities.Attorney General Pam Bondi said Thursday that at least 15 victims of abuse have already come forward to state authorities. Bondi said her office has already talked ...

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