House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cuts off reporter questioning her support for Biden who faces similar sex assault claims to Kavanaugh

2022 Campaign 05/01/20, 03:53

An elected official, who is responsible for ensuring the Democratic Party passes legislation in the House, seemingly overreacted after being questioned for supporting a controversial frontrunner for the Oval Office. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) abruptly interrupted a Washington Examiner reporter after the House speaker was asked why she did not ...

House Oversight Committee and Trump White House at odds over 2020 census question

U.S. 06/12/19, 18:29

President Trump has exercised executive privilege to protect the confidentiality of information and discussions shared within his administration that resulted in the Department of Commerce adding a question to the 2020 census related to citizenship. Trump exercised executive privilege on Wednesday, June 12, at the behest of the Justice Department. Assistant ...

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