Fishermen face another quota cut, could hit lobster prices

U.S. 05/25/19, 10:15

Fishermen already dealing with a dramatic reduction in the amount of a key bait fish they are allowed to harvest will likely face an additional cut next year that could drive up the price of lobster for consumers.Regulators on the East Coast are contending with a drop in the population ...

United Nations to offer first report on global biodiversity

Europe 05/05/19, 23:02

Top scientists will tell the world Monday how bad off Mother Nature is.The United Nations plans to issue its first comprehensive scientific report on biodiversity, looking hard at the threat of extinction for Earth's plant and animal species and what it means for humanity.Report Chairman Robert Watson said last month ...

Gulf states to continue managing anglers’ red snapper catch

Enviroment 04/04/19, 16:16

The group that manages Gulf of Mexico fishing in federal waters says states can keep managing anglers' catch of red snapper after this year. The popular sport and table fish is still recovering from nearly disastrous overfishing. The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council announced the decision Thursday in Biloxi, Mississippi. Louisiana's ...

Sharks drawn to warm waters by Israeli coastal power plant

World 01/31/19, 01:32

A giant power plant with billowing smoke may not look like the most natural habitat for sea life. But the hot water gushing from an industrial plant in Israel's northern city of Hadera has drawn schools of sharks that are increasingly endangered by overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Now the ...

Warming hurting shellfish, aiding predators, ruining habitat

Enviroment 11/11/18, 09:17

Valuable species of shellfish have become harder to find on the East Coast because of degraded habitat caused by a warming environment, according to a pair of scientists that sought to find out whether environmental factors or overfishing was the source of the decline.The scientists reached the conclusion in stccudying ...

Herring, key to coastal health, slowly returning to rivers

Enviroment 10/14/18, 10:08

River herring once appeared headed to the endangered species list, but the little fish appear to be slowly coming back in the rivers and streams of the East Coast.River herring are a critical piece of the ecosystem in the eastern states, where they serve as food for birds and larger ...

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