Elderly COVID patient declared deceased moves in body bag

Insights 05/10/22, 16:23

Postmortem workers were surprised to discover a corpse twitched on May 1. Funeral home employees in mainland China arguably experienced the biggest shock of their lives after a deceased older man suddenly moved. A video that went viral on the internet shows the harrowing moment at least three morgue staffers loaded the ...

The UK Foreign Office condemns Beijing on Human Rights Day

China 12/13/21, 03:06

On World Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, the UK Chief of Foreign Affairs for Asia, Amanda Millington, said, "We will continue to monitor and investigate evidence about reports of organ harvesting in China, and will inform major NGOs and international partners on the matter." On Dec. 7, Feryal Clark, a member ...

WHO supports the CCP’s organ transplantation system

China 07/30/20, 21:23

WHO leaders have repeatedly shown support for the Chinese Communist Party's contested organ transplantation system. The World Health Organization is at the center of criticism both for its misconduct regarding the pandemic caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus and for its connections and cover-ups with the CCP.  In hindsight, human ...

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