Texas: Unaccompanied toddler and baby found abandoned near Rio Grande river

U.S. 09/17/21, 03:13

The U.S. Border Patrol on Tuesday, Sept. 14, reported two migrant babies were left alone alongside the Rio Grande River near Eagle Pass.  The unaccompanied minors, one 2-year-old girl and the other a 3-month-old boy in his carrier, were siblings from Honduras, the border agent learned from a note left with ...

Central American Minor Program resumes

Central America 09/15/21, 02:48

The Biden administration announced Monday, Sept. 13, that the Obama-era immigration program that allows Central American children to reunite with their parents in the U.S. had resumed taking applications. The Central American Minors (CAM) program grants refugee status to children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras who have parents or guardians ...

Texas mayor ‘very frustrated’ about 2 million illegal border jumpers

Texas 07/23/21, 19:50

Don McLaughlin is upset and annoyed about millions of illegal immigrants entering the country through the southern border. Fox News revealed more than 2 million aliens will unlawfully enter the United States before the end of 2021. This prompted the mayor of Uvalde, Texas to expose flaws in the Biden administration's ...

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