How to get the most out of online reviews

Business 04/18/19, 09:24

In the world of online shopping , often buyers will purchase an item only after they see that other people also like it. And the easiest way to find out consumer sentiment? You guessed it: reviews.Many online purchases are based ...

Shop online? Ways to reduce damage to the environment

Business 04/17/19, 09:04

Toothpaste delivered in two days is convenient, but not so great for the environment. After you click buy, online orders leave warehouses to be loaded on gas-guzzling jets or trucks. And returns are a problem, too, since the items have ...

Amazon has another ‘Prime’ holiday: Profit tops $3 billion

Business 01/31/19, 19:25

Amazon had another strong holiday season: Its quarterly profit topped $3 billion for the first time as revenue grew across many of its businesses, including online shopping, advertising and cloud computing.The company, however, issued an estimate for the current quarter's ...

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