Oliver Hardy was terrifying, inspiring for John C. Reilly

Entertainment 12/26/18, 10:30

Playing Oliver Hardy, the large comic with the even larger persona, was a burden that became a mission for John C. Reilly.Reilly told The Associated Press it was a "terrifying prospect" to accept the role in "Stan & Ollie" that earned him a Golden Globe nomination.The film, which stars Steve ...

Review: Laurel and Hardy movie ‘Stan & Ollie’ is a joy

Entertainment 12/24/18, 17:46

There are lot of movies in theaters right now trying to your attention, and dollars, from big superhero spectacles and musical extravaganzas to awards darlings and wannabes. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the options in the multiplex (and, frankly, at home) and when something like, say, a late-career ...

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