US to release 50 million barrels from oil reserves to lower prices, challenges OPEC+

U.S. 11/24/21, 02:23

The Biden administration announced on Tuesday, Nov. 23, that it would tap the strategic oil reserve to cool down surging energy prices. “Today, I’m announcing that—the largest-ever release from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help provide the supply we need as we recover from this [COVID-19] pandemic,” President Joe Biden said ...

OPEC+ sticks to oil production plan, defying pressure from Biden

Washington 11/05/21, 17:56

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and it's crude producing allies agreed to maintain their current production plan, despite calls from the United States to increase their output to cool global energy markets. CNBC reported that at a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 4, the group, collectively known as OPEC+, ...

The White House urges OPEC to produce more oil as the US suffers

D.C. 08/14/21, 17:55

While the energy policies promoted by the Biden administration follow the green agenda of decreasing hydrocarbon production, this week, it has asked Middle Eastern countries to increase their production, arguing that the low levels do not allow economic recovery after the pandemic caused by the CCP virus. While the administration pleads ...

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